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Did you decide to join this clan? read this first!

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Did you decide to join this clan? read this first! Empty Did you decide to join this clan? read this first!

Post  topguy33 Fri Mar 19, 2010 1:20 pm

Hello, and welcome!

Did you decide to join this merchanting clan?
Great! But read the following first! Wink

First of all, you will need to register. Register by clicking on register Wink. Please, register with your runescape name. this is easier for me. (for administration etc.)

Did you register? well, now you will need to fill in a form. I know you maybe already did this on the runescape forums, but you should do it again here. The form is in the end of this topic. Before you make a joining form, you should register on the forums.

First of all, to join, you need 100M + cash that is ready to invest .

After you have left your joining topic here, I will accept you if you meet the requirements.

Copy this to a new topic, this means: do not reply to this topic, but open a new one!
Runescape name?:
What experience do you have in merchanting:
Do you have any experience junk trading:
How much cash do you currently have:
Briefly explain why you want to join this clan:
Will you be cooperative and participate in all item/activity checks:
Extra information about yourself:
Who referred you to this clan? (If applied on rs forum, say "forum"):

Now post a picture of your cash / wealth.
or you will not get accepted.

if you don't know how to to post a picture here is a guide:

1. click print screen button.
2. paste it in paint.
3. save it.
4. go to ""
5. click "browse" and select the right picture.
6. click upload now.
7. either copy the forum code link and paste it in your item check, or copy the adress bar link.

I recently found another way maybe easier way of doing this.

1: download this program at :
2: open the program.
3: select the screen you wanna take a picture off.
4: copy the adress bar link, and paste it in the item check.
(it sometimes can take a few minutes until the site comes up)
hope this helped some of you.

after you got accepted, there is a really handy button called: "show unread posts since last visit".
this way you will never miss out a merch item release, or activity checks/item checks.


first, we choose a item which will be chosen by Generals/administrators (you can help us with choosing new items by posting them, but generals make the final decision)

now, the generals buy a few hours before the other members (how long depends on how big the stock of that item is), after they bought the item will be released to the lieutenants.

after they bought for a few hours, also depends on the stock of the item and the 4 hour limit, the item will be released to the rest of the members (they shouldn't be bought out by now).

we all keep offering at max price at all time to let the item rise, we as a clan never set dump prices.
we always aim to get the item as high as possible.

we have item checks at random times throughout the merch, when we have a item check it will be posted in the "item check" topic( keep your eyes open if it gets posted)

when the item has crashed, and we announched the dump, you first need to post a final item check.

we also have activity checks, which will be posted in the: "activity check" topic, to check if you are active.

if you do not post on an item check, you will get 1 warning, if you don't post on a activity check you will also get a warning.

after we have merched the item we junk trade our items away.


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