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Rules of the Clan

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Rules of the Clan Empty Rules of the Clan

Post  topguy33 Fri Mar 19, 2010 1:13 pm

Every clan has rules, so does this one.

Those rules are not just letters, they are here to be respected.
Not following rules will turn out in a ban / kick.

1 You must post your item check every time there is one. Not posting here will automaticly turn out in a ban or kick.

2 You must be respectfull to everybody in the clan, no matter what he or she does. Even if he/she has done something to you that is not acceptable, stay friendly and let us know!

3 Do not leak; We can not control this, but please, don't leak, it is for your own good, you will make more profit.

4 If you are going inactive, let it know by posting on our Inactivity topic.

5 you must post your activity check every time there is one, (when it is time to dump, first post your item check)

6 NEW RULE: We can see when members visit the forums. If you have not even looked at the forum for over 1 week without posting on the inactivity forum, you will likely be kicked.


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